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Flight Safety Foundation Hosts Webinars on GSIP Workshops

Flight Safety Foundation hosted three webinars on “Controlling Risk in Aviation” Sept. 6 and 7. During the webinars, which were timed to accommodate business days around the world, Foundation executives Mark [...]

Global Safety Information Project Workshop Update

Flight Safety Foundation has completed seven workshops scheduled for 2016 as part of its Global Safety Information Project (GSIP) with several more to follow.  Workshops have been held in [...]

Some Risk Assessments Require More Than One Organization

The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) last week issued a safety alert for operators (SAFO) about the risk of fire or explosion when transporting lithium batteries as cargo on [...]

Flight Safety Foundation Schedules GSIP Workshops

Alexandria, Va. - Flight Safety Foundation Jan. 11 announced that it has scheduled 12 workshops in the Pan America and Asia-Pacific regions as part of its ongoing Global Safety Information [...]

GSIP Year One Update

Dear Stakeholders: Staying ahead of the risks in aviation safety takes quite a lot, whether you're in a large or small organization. You can't "set things up on autopilot [...]

(Preliminary Focus Group Findings) Dear GSIP Stakeholders:

It’s time that I report back on what is going on with our Global Safety Information Project (GSIP).  We had a busy month in July, visiting many countries for [...]

A first-of-its-kind effort

The Global Safety Information Project (GSIP) seeks knowledge related to safety data collection and processing from aviation industry stakeholders in two key regions: Asia-Pacific and Latin America. The key [...]

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