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Lima was one of our most highly-attended focus groups so far and included the usual cross-section of industry and government, but with the addition of representatives from maintenance and helicopter operations. Needless to say, this led to a discussion that covered many of the same topics we saw in other meetings, but also broke new ground. We look forward to sharing the preliminary results of this group in the coming weeks.

As an added benefit for this focus group, FSF General Counsel Ken Quinn was able to attend and give a briefing on the progress of ICAO’s Safety Information Protection Task Force (SIP TF), on which he served as vice-chairman. We learned from the participants about some of the unique legal challenges Peru faces in its work to protect safety data.

Our attendees in Lima shared many thoughts, concerns and ideas about data sharing, analysis and protection. They talked about the challenges faced by the geography of Peru, something which helped us remember that this is the case in every region – it has its own challenges due to any number of factors.

Stay tuned for more info soon!